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About Us

                  Founder Crystal Jenee

About Me

Baina, defined as glittering with radiance, is a word of African origin that was the inspiration behind the development of Baina Essentials: created to achieve the best skincare regime with clean, plant-based ingredients for men and women. To give you that glow and radiance that we desire. Baina Essentials is here to build and boost confidence.


I became invested in clean skincare during my years as a pre-teen after experiencing cystic acne and troubled skin. After years of visiting various physicians and spending thousands of dollars on treatments that would only provide temporary treatment, I knew my skin needed something more. The creams and ointments recommended for me had ingredients that I could hardly recognize, and my skin continued to suffer as my confidence plummeted.


I began my journey of starting a nourishing skincare line to accommodate people with various skin types. I aim for people who use Baina Essentials products to build their confidence and achieve their skin goals one product at a time, the way my line has done for me. Each product has its focus that will provide knowledge for you as you embark on the clean skincare journey with me.