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“Vegan Skincare Throughout the Ages” -Baina Essentials

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Vegan Skyn Confessions

Vegan Skincare Throughout the Ages”-Baina Essentials

-Crystal Jenee

If you thought the foundation of modern skincare was established within the last century, you'd be wrong! 


Grooming and skincare is not just a 20th century or millennial fad. Rather, both male and female skincare has been a hot topic for hundreds of years! I know, right? Who would've thought?


To appreciate the long history of skincare, we're going to take a trip through history and go back a few centuries to look at the evolution of how modern skincare came to be. No time machine is needed! Well, we'll use one just in case.


We're going to take a quick trip around the world through various historical eras to see what women, (wait men, chill, don't leave) AND men used back in the day to have the best skin in town (or village or colony or kingdom or… well, you get the idea)! 

 Time machine


Ancient Egypt

Now how many of you remember those swagged out ancient Egyptian men, those kings on the throne with the black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow (Uff…) that became the envy of every woman in Egypt?


It turns out that the eyeliner in your girl's make-up bag was made from vegan ingredients! Toasted almonds, ash, ochre, and crushed antimony were some key ingredients gathered and ground together to create the iconic Kohl black eyeliner synonymous with ancient Egyptians. 


Ladies, we all know our girl Cleopatra, and surely we know she was the best to do it in her era for skincare. But how was she able to do it? 


One skin confession from Cleopatra's arsenal: Cleopatra was known for her sour milk baths to improve the look and texture of her skin. Her baths were a concoction of various ingredients, which included: donkey's milk, cow's milk (rich in lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy to break down dead skin cells), frankincense (found in one of our very own Baina Essentials products!), olive oil, almond oil, and honey!


Another skin confession of Cleopatra's skincare routine: She figured out how to get her skin to pop in by infusing the vivid crimson spice of saffron into her bathing routine!


They may not have had Botox and fillers in ancient Egypt, but they did have anti-aging ingredients like castor, moringa, and sesame oils. Coupled with clay, olive oil, and milk masks, these ingredients were vital to moisturizing skin and protecting it against the dry heat of the Egyptian desert. 


But let's not forget about the men! Like women of the era, hygiene was essential to men as well. The men and women of ancient Egypt would obtain plants rich in fragrance and intense spices to create cleansers to wash their faces and bathe with. When it came to skincare ingenuity, ancient Egyptians laid the foundation of many of our modern-day skincare products.

 Milk bath vegan Skincare


Medieval Times

The 12th century was a rather hip era in the beauty industry. Ointments were of key importance in medieval times. The balms created during this era were made of ingredients like rosemary, cucumbers, aloe vera, honey, vinegar, and various seeds, flowers, and leaves.  


These ointments had many uses, including balms to remedy acne; creams to help soften skin; cleansers to wash the face; and herbal face masks for a thorough facial cleanse. 


Using herbal creams and concoctions with lavender, clover, chamomile, and rosemary with honey became very popular. 


The dirty secret of this era was how little people bathed! Instead, people of the medieval period used bathhouses once or twice a week to cleanse their ripe (That's an understatement!) bodies. Daily bathing didn't become the norm until decades later. 


Victorian Era

Alright ladies, give us a minute with the men. Yes, you, we see you now! Where are the gentlemen at? 


Before the Victorian Era, facial hair wasn't as fashionable. Then things changed, and not having a beard meant men weren't "man enough" (How rude!). 


The Victorian Era became an era for men – especially the dudes with the beards! (Let them know, ladies!)


Men would use various "magic" tonics that promised to thicken and grow their beards to envy. (Pssst… Let me let you in on a little secret. C'mere. Come closer!) Those so-called "magic" tonics didn't work!


Around 1870, beards went out of fashion, and clean-shaven faces became the trend. Men began to shave at home and care more for their facial regime and grooming habits. 

Beard vegan Skincare  

Ancient Greeks

Okay, men, hold tight. We have to talk to the ladies on this one. Now how many of you were or are guilty of watching Tik Tok videos to see the latest make-up fads? 


Well, these chic Greeks would be the equivalent to our current-day influencers with their viral skincare routines! Greek women enjoyed pampering themselves with DIY organic items found in their home kitchens. Their goal was simple: to get healthy and radiant skin.


From goat's milk for facials to honey and yogurt to fill fine lines and retain skin moisture, these nourishing ingredients used by Greek women were effective for their daily skincare needs. As for men, we're not sure if they indulged in the same skincare regimen as Greek women did, but there is no doubt these natural remedies would have helped men in their skincare needs as well. 


Honey, a key ingredient in skincare throughout the ages, was also important to the skincare needs of Ancient Greeks. Honey's value throughout these different eras was due to its antibacterial characteristics. When coupled with olive oil, honey became an essential ingredient for face masks for ancient Greeks. It's no wonder that honey endures as a critical component of our skincare needs even today.


Roman Rituals

Excuse me! Yes, you! Seatbelts, please! Everyone, we're taking a trip to 100 AD Rome. 


Unlike those who lived in the Medieval Era, Romans loved to bathe so much that they boasted some of the most beautiful bathhouses of the era. These bathhouses put "MTV Cribs" to shame (Yes, sis!). Bathhouses were works of art complete with fancy paintings, mosaics, and insanely intricate ceilings. 


Romans didn't use soap. Instead, they opted for scented oils combined with metal strigils (A fancy word for scrappers -- think of these as exfoliators). Good-bye dead skin, and hello smoothness! The skincare rituals of Romans also consisted of using barley flour and butter to calm their skin. 


 Let's Head Closer to Home

Just take a look in your pantry. Or that beautiful garden in your yard. Or the many plants, trees, and flowers on that morning hike you just took (Did you get off the couch today?). Here at Baina Essentials, we're all about organic, vegan, and plant-based skincare. These organic ingredients are all around us and accessible to all.


Nature has a profound way of providing our skin and body with precisely what we need. Our little history lesson in this blog has shown this to us. 


In each era we looked at, humans have always used organic ingredients that impacted their skin in the best of ways. From creams of lanolin to liquids of camphor spirit for that dreadful acne and annoying blackheads, despite the challenges of the early 1900s, women and men found clever ways to achieve radiant skin. 


Jump to the 1940s. See that jar of petroleum jelly in your medicine cabinet? Well, that was used as eye gel to reduce puffy, sleepy eyes with a spoon full of sugar and lemon juice. 


Where all my natural peeps at? In the 1960s, the natural look became the trend. This movement towards a simple, natural look was more about keeping things uncomplicated. But to maintain that healthy glow, the natural look fad needed to be amended, and typical skincare routines needed to have solid core products. 


Now just wait a whole minute! We can't leave without talking about the 90s y'all. This decade brought vitamins to the skincare game!


Vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, and E have anti-aging effects. Antioxidants found in natural ingredients also aid in slowing the effects of aging without the use of steroids or hormones. Enjoy a berry burst of antioxidants in Baina Essentials Antioxidant Oxygen Mask.


Hyaluronic acid became a revolutionary treatment for skin care needs and is now a much sought-after addition to anyone's skincare regimen. 


Today, skincare has advanced quickly and is constantly developing new products and brands. With each product and brand comes cutting-edge ingredients to make your skin healthy and happy.


With that being said, our history lesson is over, and our time machine is now out of gas (I told you we should've taken an Uber!). 


Hey, did you enjoy this trip through time? If so, subscribe to the Baina Essentials e-mail list to be the first to read the latest blog or find out when the newest product drops! Want to join the village? Then pop on over to our Instagram and Facebook page for more from Baina Essentials!


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