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Morning Routine Revamp

Morning Routine Revamp

Oh, I did not see you there! Good morning.Every day, I have a morning skincare routine to keep my skin looking its best.

This routine helps to brighten my complexion, minimize blemishes, and keep my skin hydrated. I'm not a morning person. In fact, I'm quite the opposite.

 I love staying up late and sleeping in as long as possible.

 (I know I can't be the only one!)

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"The Battle of the Eye Serum, Eye Gel, Eye Cream. What Should You Choose?"

Eye serum, eye gel, and eye cream are all the same, right? It may seem like these products are the same thing, but with different textures. However, if we look under the cap of each product, there are some significant differences. 


The differences make each

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“Vegan Skincare Throughout the Ages” -Baina Essentials

If you thought the foundation of modern skincare was established within the last century, you'd be wrong! 


Grooming and skincare is not just a 20th century or millennial fad. Rather, both 

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Skincare for Beginners: Men’s Skincare - Baina Essentials

Who said rugged looks and dapper charm can’t coexist? Not us at Baina Essentials! 

Whether you are an expert at men’s skincare, a man that secretly uses his lover’s products, or someone who uses a basic bar of soap (no shade, though), you can l